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Welcome to the KT Service Value Management SM Health Check! The following questions will test your organization’s maturity in generating Customer Lifetime Value for your overall business. At the end of the Health Check, we will share with you some of our thoughts around how improving some areas of your business could vastly improve your overall ability to service, hold, and extract the most value from your customers and your service organization.

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How the Health Check Works: We are going to ask a series of questions based on the KT SVM SM Customer Lifetime Value Model.

The survey is split into three distinctive areas:

  1. Service Strategy - The focus and competitive advantage of your customer service organization and its alignment with corporate strategy
  2. Service Revenue - Revenue directly or indirectly generated through services delivered by the service organization
  3. Service Cost - The total cost of running the service business

The objective of the survey is to answer each question while keeping your customer in mind at all times. A customer to a service organization could be both internal, such as a department or business unit, and could also be external, such as those who purchase and use the products of the business.

By answering questions from all areas, we can get a basic understanding of your environment and current maturity on the path to achieving high customer lifetime value. At the end of the survey you will receive detailed results based on best-practice frameworks and KT’s 50 years of experience in the industry. Included with this is an overall score to see how well you did based on your responses. In order to get the best out of the survey – please answer as honestly as possible.